Chairman Speech

Chairman Speech

May I welcome you and your child to SBS Public School, Surjitpura (Barnala). We are very proud of our school is a harbinger of change.We combine science and creativity to nature and balance the individual aura of every student.With an eye for strengths and weaknesses, our teachers recognize the strengths of children to appreciate them and steer them gently to work on the weaknesses with the understanding that all it takes is a little effort and hard work to do it all. Stress management and a peaceful demeanour is what is intrinsic to our methods of teaching and learning. Goals are set and guidance is provided to learn at individual pace.

In SBS Public School and teachers to display a youthful enthusiasm in their teaching and learningprocess.The joyful proceeds from their inner purity and vision. Spiritual education makes one to see the treasure within and feel a profound relationship to something pure and indestructible that connects everyone and everything and fills one with deep serenity.Therefore we believe in quality and value based education and want to see every child growing up with full potential having high degree of self –awareness,capacity to face suffering and failures, unwilling to harm others and thus become a source of inspiration to others.

We are sure that our students of yesterday, today and tomorrow will carry forward the motto of love and unity entrusted in their hands at SBS public school. We hope that they will always do well in their studies and keep up the high values they have learnt at their alma mater.

Bhupinder Singh